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My whole world is critical!

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Image        If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.

Today I will not be critical. Let alone who criticizes you. I am the worst person to do so, we always see the straw persons, when the us is not glass. Sitting at the computer, close my eyes looking, for a simple why? why we tend to be so, since we got criticize everything, everything around us is criticized. Can you imagine! Jesus criticize us all the time. How would you feel?, because I know how I would feel if he did. We were very downcast head all the time,

“It would be shame, Walker, muted value to express a feeling.”

Applies to the character of a person whose habit of behavior comes from another review of a problem, instead of giving your opinion or act in accordance to an end.

Sometimes unintentionally, wishing, we do. Not that “OK! “Today I’m going to criticize everyone!” Not God! is simply that flows through the veins to us, to say it, as when we say “hello”, “Good Morning.” Everything in our lives is rounded on critics, one here, another over there.

The only way we can avoid doing it so is

“Do not criticize for not being criticized,”

Break the chain, avoid falling into one, think of our Lord Jesus Christ, if he criticized us all the time, we do not like it, I know. The church, criticize us all the time, and we criticize them too. This is a vicious circle from which one can’t escape, even if we don’t want to, out of our mouths endlessly. What else I can tell you, live with that!, because I live with that too.

I can to end by summarizing that:

 “The criticism even bother us, sometimes it is necessary and strengthens us to go forward”  © GV