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If You Were To Fulfill A Dream

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If you were to fulfill a dream, it would meet you, tell you how much I admire you, how I love your simplicity, if anything good is to tell a story, would take a lifetime and still my fate, would have no validity, can incredible, but true: That with just watch the sky I feel like I touch you my dear skyscraper.

That would I, if I don’t know I have you.  Who would I be? If I lost searching for my destiny, as well as my dreams, but I must try to find you and tell you then, how much I love you.

If I were to explain, what my heart holds, and shout from the rooftops, I would say I want to be free, and to feel the wind that touches my face, saying the “Our Father”.

Look for me in my story, of someone who wants to achieve their goals and purposes as anything else, do not forget me for wanting to fly, let me find myself, and feel what I can give,hear in every mouth saying my name, remembering, as I went and wanted to give.

You are my proof of what I wanted to be, I am a poet of my history, my life a writer, screen writer of my story, and actress of my days, as stated in the field to be an actor you must first be a clown, because I’m a clown who wants to tie you with my bow, and deliver the most sacred, a living history that one day was cast in pieces.

Dreams, dreams are, if it is my fault, own them, give me the most severe of punishments. But after been fulfilled first.