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Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s Image of Women

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It’s amazing how women are exploited sexually speaking every day to draw attention to a product. Even seeing a voluptuous woman, half naked in a car ad, or cigarettes.
I was, from an early age model.

“I know how to beat the copper in that environment”

I have two daughters, one 17 and one 13. My daughters took modeling classes at an early age, one at nine and one at 5, in their classes, they had to use, very flirty clothes and makeup too strong for their age, but I wore them in according to age (without they, lose the elegance): HELLO! At that age mothers dress their daughters as adults, leaving nothing to the imagination. Girls are girls, why throw them to fly so fast?

We just have to go out and see the girls, young women, dressed, imitating what they see in advertisements, magazines, etc.. As we also see adult people; imitating girls throughout, clothing, footwear and more. Self-esteem plays a crucial role in the growth of girls. As the mothers reared in the future can not be criticize, was their responsibility.

“You made it fly, now holds pressure”

Others mimic so well, famous models and actresses, who prefer to stop eating to avoid gaining weight and be beautiful.

“Beauty is relative”

Is also noteworthy that there are movies and some TV shows where women are portrayed as “sex toys” Where is the sense of respect for women and what it represents? Is lost.

Wholesale “Women” Who gives more?


But not only the woman is exploited Where is the man in this story? they also come into the attack as “sex symbols” Where the handsome man with big muscles, earns more and less handsome skinny weakling, earn less.

The handsome and big muscles is the main character, and the chubby of funny belly, is secondary. Or just that;

“Those who are beautiful go to glory and least graceful fall wearing saints”

How is that possible! …


My whole world is critical!

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Image        If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.

Today I will not be critical. Let alone who criticizes you. I am the worst person to do so, we always see the straw persons, when the us is not glass. Sitting at the computer, close my eyes looking, for a simple why? why we tend to be so, since we got criticize everything, everything around us is criticized. Can you imagine! Jesus criticize us all the time. How would you feel?, because I know how I would feel if he did. We were very downcast head all the time,

“It would be shame, Walker, muted value to express a feeling.”

Applies to the character of a person whose habit of behavior comes from another review of a problem, instead of giving your opinion or act in accordance to an end.

Sometimes unintentionally, wishing, we do. Not that “OK! “Today I’m going to criticize everyone!” Not God! is simply that flows through the veins to us, to say it, as when we say “hello”, “Good Morning.” Everything in our lives is rounded on critics, one here, another over there.

The only way we can avoid doing it so is

“Do not criticize for not being criticized,”

Break the chain, avoid falling into one, think of our Lord Jesus Christ, if he criticized us all the time, we do not like it, I know. The church, criticize us all the time, and we criticize them too. This is a vicious circle from which one can’t escape, even if we don’t want to, out of our mouths endlessly. What else I can tell you, live with that!, because I live with that too.

I can to end by summarizing that:

 “The criticism even bother us, sometimes it is necessary and strengthens us to go forward”  © GV

The human being!

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The human being is incomprehensible, we get so deep into the mistake that we ignore the pardon for not just saying it.

If it rains, we want the sun. When the sun shines, we want the cold embrace us. Or simply, if it doesn’t rain, we want rain, no one can understand human beings.

Presidents or Governors changed every four years depending on where people live. But the truth is that if elected, we put it in a glass box, idolize him, then when time passes and there is no change, we want them to go to hell. Who understands then!

Where is the wise man and the simplicity of women, the daily complaints of what could be and wasn’t.

If I were to unite all of the above, I would say where my eloquence in everything.  I write if I join the fate of every being that my likeness adorned from head to toe.

If not all true what I said and wrote before, I can say openly that if they think it’s a lie, then why:

“We all want to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. “

If I!

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“If I find myself with reason and I lose track of my time. I want the concept, lose reason, do not know that yet, I have all my senses. Where waits and saves, the best memories of a conscience, well-marked, which is well sealed, a good reason for my notion in my mind”.

If You Were To Fulfill A Dream

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If you were to fulfill a dream, it would meet you, tell you how much I admire you, how I love your simplicity, if anything good is to tell a story, would take a lifetime and still my fate, would have no validity, can incredible, but true: That with just watch the sky I feel like I touch you my dear skyscraper.

That would I, if I don’t know I have you.  Who would I be? If I lost searching for my destiny, as well as my dreams, but I must try to find you and tell you then, how much I love you.

If I were to explain, what my heart holds, and shout from the rooftops, I would say I want to be free, and to feel the wind that touches my face, saying the “Our Father”.

Look for me in my story, of someone who wants to achieve their goals and purposes as anything else, do not forget me for wanting to fly, let me find myself, and feel what I can give,hear in every mouth saying my name, remembering, as I went and wanted to give.

You are my proof of what I wanted to be, I am a poet of my history, my life a writer, screen writer of my story, and actress of my days, as stated in the field to be an actor you must first be a clown, because I’m a clown who wants to tie you with my bow, and deliver the most sacred, a living history that one day was cast in pieces.

Dreams, dreams are, if it is my fault, own them, give me the most severe of punishments. But after been fulfilled first.

If I did or not, Who cares?

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Yes I did! What you said! All I can say is that I feel good, peaceful. I can only say well, that I do not blame myself, why be ashamed of what I’ve done or said? Can not say that I did with rage or did knowingly, that I was upset. You know what! No it can be said. Because everything I say to say , to save time, that I spent writing this. No good to me. Will continue to think the same or worse than before.

My soul is my proof, my reality, my way of being, like, someone will say that my feelings change like the weather.

You know my dear Watson! Wrong idea that change with the weather!. If, as the sun in my morning and the moon in my night, is my reality, life tells who I am and who I will be later. Who am I, I can not change it. Just get used to it, like you.

But what I can not change, is the way in which to walk, life plan for me and I follow, injustice haunts me as bacteria in the wind. “We rubs and penetrates without realizing”

Actually, I do not think so. “I am nothing and from dust I was born” I do not believe in my destiny! I was marked as mark the flock of a peasant miserable, to know that have owners. I have done nothing and I have to pay.

Why not pay those who see the poor pass and not extend the hand and on the other hand, leave them hungry, like a rag. I can not believe in nothing more than me. It sounds selfish, but it is not. The Lord, in his mantle surrounds me every day and not let me down, not even in my darkness leaves me alone, always there, puts his hand on my shoulder, and said with his voice very subtle;

“Daughter, do not fear, I will take care of you and your sorrows away from you, all unnecessary evil that will not let you live” Wise words of my favorite philosopher.

If not me, who will I be? Someone explain to me, because I do not understand. The circumstances are worse than open reality, a life marked by suffering, if not today, then tomorrow, but always follows you like a curse. To then offer their best smile out of “nothing happened here” pretending to look at the unwanted, so thou reality or your truth, no different than mine. Everyone has a book, where we have our lives written and sealed until the time comes to settle scores, with that unique being who knows everything. My fate is like animal suffering from without ceasing for save itself from a cruel fate, raw and unbridled in this woman named, Glissette screaming for “help” as an absolute fact, most absurd, a joke, she does not want to be laughed of how life, laughs, weeps while she bereaved, for a destination full of suffering, full of loneliness and misery of a love that was and was not for me, since the day of my birth. Cursed birth, you marked me!

I do not care if you believe or not, this is a relief to my heart, my air touches my face every day and know that is God himself who does it, makes a dent all pain and erase all bad memories I had.
I’m alone I told God in my prayers, he very sublime replied, “the loneliness where you live, it is because you wanted to, many times I gave you the answer, your eyes were blind”
Certainly was! My eyes were blind, I locked myself in my inner self and I clung to my loneliness that I could not see beyond my eyes.
I’m like the heart of the ocean, a being who only can give. I know that asking a puff of tenderness, a soul that calls the joy in the days of sadness and warms me when I have cold.

I do not ask much, just what a being should have, and why I can not have? If I deserve a bit of heaven to shout from the rooftops: “I am a unique person, a body of pure soul that has given everything, asking nothing in return, and has been found with your own being.”
“No matter the miles you run, if you’re not, the loneliness will bear”