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Monthly Archives: September 2012

As I am; stubborn and headstrong

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My body is wandering aimlessly, I feel like the day, gray. Today the sun is not shining on me, it wasn’t by my window, I thought I would see it, but didn’t. I ache all over, my bed calls me and I could not fulfill it. Masochist I am, I don’t think that it is.

My soul and my body says NO, but at the same time says YES, but I feel like dying. I want to be strong, but my sky are crying, asking me to rest my body and I’m still standing and without cause.

I’m cruel, but I am not, I wake up, but no strength to fight the battle. My mind wants me to move, my body wants to rest, and not allows it. Desperate yells

“damn miserable, I have no strength, do not play the brave, and let me where it wants this body, that just reclaims,  rest”.

I know! I can understand.

I know I have to rest, but, how to make myself understood, in this body, almost lifeless?, what to do, when they don’t want to. Is difficult to see how your body changes when you feel bad, and as your

“face says a thousand words without saying one”.

You body strong, feeling sad, you just want a break, rest.

“A mind that works and acts upon the impulses of a machine that cries openly;

“Rests, tomorrow is another day.”

As I am; stubborn and headstrong,  will do the opposite until this body can not more, and fall.

“Just me, asking for a YES, to stop,  NO, which prevents me from being me”

People do what ever, for ignoring the sign, that the body give.

 “We complained and preach otherwise”

“Too bad, is true”




Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s Image of Women

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It’s amazing how women are exploited sexually speaking every day to draw attention to a product. Even seeing a voluptuous woman, half naked in a car ad, or cigarettes.
I was, from an early age model.

“I know how to beat the copper in that environment”

I have two daughters, one 17 and one 13. My daughters took modeling classes at an early age, one at nine and one at 5, in their classes, they had to use, very flirty clothes and makeup too strong for their age, but I wore them in according to age (without they, lose the elegance): HELLO! At that age mothers dress their daughters as adults, leaving nothing to the imagination. Girls are girls, why throw them to fly so fast?

We just have to go out and see the girls, young women, dressed, imitating what they see in advertisements, magazines, etc.. As we also see adult people; imitating girls throughout, clothing, footwear and more. Self-esteem plays a crucial role in the growth of girls. As the mothers reared in the future can not be criticize, was their responsibility.

“You made it fly, now holds pressure”

Others mimic so well, famous models and actresses, who prefer to stop eating to avoid gaining weight and be beautiful.

“Beauty is relative”

Is also noteworthy that there are movies and some TV shows where women are portrayed as “sex toys” Where is the sense of respect for women and what it represents? Is lost.

Wholesale “Women” Who gives more?


But not only the woman is exploited Where is the man in this story? they also come into the attack as “sex symbols” Where the handsome man with big muscles, earns more and less handsome skinny weakling, earn less.

The handsome and big muscles is the main character, and the chubby of funny belly, is secondary. Or just that;

“Those who are beautiful go to glory and least graceful fall wearing saints”

How is that possible! …