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I have watched the sky as the clouds were scattered everywhere, so watch for a while and felt he spoke to me, gave me the answer I’ve wanted for so long. If you ask me what heaven say?, I can not tell with much certainty, because he was so clear and sharp to my eyes, I could tell he did not want anyone noticing, out of my eyes many tears that no one could see, because I was wearing glasses.

I kept watching my heaven, though in part it looked gray in others noticed her beautiful blue, a cloud suddenly uncovered the blond sun, my eyes to reflect on the other hand, because of course, was my husband looking at me, and I suddenly knew that the union of heaven and myself, was secret and that we would see at other times only when he wanted.

God works in mysterious ways and now I can vouch for that. He and I had a moment of complete peace, where we communicated only by thoughts, but I felt so secure that not even the noise of the cars I felt, was like me and him alone, and no one else existed.

Now I want to happen again, feel the heat, the wind rubbing my face and feel that gives me his blessing at all times. I share my story because it was very refreshing to know that I count on him as he knows he can count on me. It was my time and I will write upon my memory as the best of my days. In good hour!


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