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Monthly Archives: February 2012

What I Feel!

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How to know what I feel, if only I feel nothing, I’ve written a thousand words where it makes sense on paper that reflects what I feel, when you do not feel anything, if even I understand myself, I scream the four winds that my being felt, when my being exploited, is the mark of what a day I felt, without any sense of a being that is neither understood the improbability of this world round as a globe, but short values and common sense, where we are hypocrites, and shake hands when we really want to slap, the one who with his eye a stone wants to give.

The ocean is endless like my love for those who always hold out my hand without expecting anything in return. I am a being who only knows how to give, you never know when to say no, that’s why when I repeat a thousand times that I feel nothing, my soul is saying it only knows that if I can, whenever you want, and not say or feel to say no, I can not or do not want. Who can explain what is inexplicable if only I came to this earth to serve and give, and cease to be, I, to be, of others.

If I dared to say that I’m an angel, I would say I am the angel that is on your side, that encourages you and gives you the hand that supports you cry on my shoulder when you are, and I said don’t worry here I am. I am what I am, and I’m here for you, find me anytime I wait here in the same place as always, holding out a helping hand to all who need it, because I am the angel that lights you up and you will not forsake nor night; or day.

God bless me with this gift, and give me light to continue on my mission, to follow and fight for what I believe will be my blessing.