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Monthly Archives: June 2011

You only you

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When we strive to do what your heart tells us is when most trips are just around the corner unexpectedly. Because these things happen I can not explain, I have dreams to achieve goals and purposes, I feel I deserve a chance to be myself and not be what others want it to be, and is good to be so kind and leave behind my being.

I’m like a bird wants to fly, without wings, or like the hibernating bear asleep waiting for winter to leave.

That compared to mine, but I am so that I can say without saying more screaming, my soul waits to be heard and is not reciprocated.

Shout to the world a statement of understanding madness and absurdity of fighting a tireless writer, sitting at the computer just expressing what she feels, leaving a note reflected in what she expects and waiting for you only you read it, and let me longs to know what my soul and my heart longs to hear without having to say I am what I am only a being waiting to be heard by you.